Monday, 8 July 2013

BEAUTY: Summer Hairstyles

 Plaits are so in style right now! I love this fringe plait used to sweep hair away from the face and this messy plait. They look cute and girly but so boho and care-free. In addition, they both take no longer that 5 minutes to do! I'll definitely be wearing this hairstyle often as temperatures rise.

Tousled, wavy hair is perfect beach hair because it's so easy to carry off and looks good on everyone! To create this hairstyle just tip your hair upside down and hair-dry your hair whilst scrunching it slightly with your hands. For extra volume use mousse and scrunch it through the bottom of your hair.

Messy buns are perfect for the summer because they let air blow onto your neck s you can keep cool and also look very stylish. You want the bun to be messy, with loose hairs coming out of the bun and a side fringe sweeping your face, as oppose to a very neat and glamorous high bun as it looks over the top and far too 'red-carpet'.

Getting blonde or honey highlights will update your summer look and make it look like your hair has been sun-kissed from spending a week at a beach, in an exotic country. You can also buy a salt-water spray to give your hair that nonchalant bed head hair, full of texture. Alexandra Ambr├│sio always has stunning highlights and hair with lots of volume for an effortlessly sexy look.

Love O

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