Thursday, 25 July 2013

DIY: Dream jar/ Time capsule

 During my trip to the Isle of wight I collected shells from the beach which I then took home as a memory and souvenir of my time there. To begin with, I had my shells in a bowl but to make it more presentable I have now put it in a cute, little, decorated jar as a time capsule.
You could take this idea and use it for any little trinkets or souvenirs you wish to keep. You could put fairy-lights, stamps, feathers, glitter, buttons, sweets-literally anything in your jar. Like me, you may wish to keep your jar on a shelf in your room as a decoration or to give it to someone as a present.
What you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Double sided sellotape
  • Trinkets such as shells
  • A jar
  • Wallpaper or Patterned paper
  • A ribbon


  •  As the below show, you need to start by choosing a wallpaper for your lid. I chose a spare Laura Ashley floral wallpaper in cream and pink because this goes with the colours in my bedroom. 
  • Trace the lid onto your wallpaper and cut around the trace mark so that it will fit perfectly onto your lid. 
  • Stick double sided sellotape onto your lid and the rim of the lid. 
  • Then stick down the previously traced wallpaper onto the lid and wrap the ribbon around the rim of the lid leaving enough ribbon left to make a little bow.
  • Finally fill your jar with the contents you have chosen such as shells and ta-da you have your dream jar or time capsule!

Love O

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