Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why you should date an older man.

It's no secret that I dated a 30 year old man at the age of 18. Some people were of course, quick to judge however being the stubborn girl I am that didn't stop me. Although I did end it after a few weeks, I don't regret dating an older man and here is a list of why you should try it!

He's older than you and therefore has a lot more experience of dating. He knows exactly where to take you out and will make you feel like a princess! He's dated a lot of women (unless he's a 40 year old virgin) so he will know how to please you. He will know what women like and what we don't like.

Unlike the younger men or teens your age he won't play around to try and get you to date him. The 'who messaged who first' or 'hard to get' or 'asking her friends if she likes you' games will be off the table. Why? The older man isn't playing games; He knows what he wants and it's you. He will simply ask you to dinner and court you.

He's been through the hormonal phase (usually during uni) where he just wants to sleep around with anything that moves. Therefore, not only is he experienced but he's also bored of that and is less likely to sleep around with your hot room-mate! They will also thus be more likely to commit and want to settle.

He's been on the planet a lot longer than you so it's a given that he'll probably be more intelligent and cultured. He's most likely traveled and experienced different jobs so he'll be able to talk to you about a lot more things than the common conversation starters with younger men. He'll also teach you a thing or two about life as with age comes wisdom. This is great for when the 'honey moon phase' dies down as you'll find his intellect interesting and you won't get bored soon!

Although this shouldn't be the most important thing when you start dating a guy it is important in the long term. An older man will have financial security. He will have a career, a house and a steady paycheck which will make a relationship with an older man more reliable and less stressful than dating a guy who's just finished uni and is head-over-heels in debt.

Love O

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