Saturday, 28 July 2012

FASHION: Sneak Peak into my handbag!

With the sun soaring it's impossible to wear a jacket with pockets to carry everything; The bag I carry most is my Louis Vuitton as its' simple design goes with everything I wear and teams nicely with any shoe!

The top 5 items in my handbag at the moment are:


'Batiste Dry Shampoo' this will leave you hair clean, grease-free (hair is prone to getting greasier with heat) and smelling lush. I chose the tropical smell as it gets you straight in the mood for summer.


A waterproof mascara is a must-have when it's hot. No-one likes mascara smudges!

A book to keep you entertained when it's too hot to walk around. Find yourself a calm shaded area and dive into a book. I am currently reading the controversial '50 shades of grey'.


Cat eye sunglasses! Protect your eyes from damaging sun rays and be stylish at the same time with this style of sunglasses you can't go wrong!


A fresh smelling perfume that will keep you feeling sexy and beautiful during the day. I love Valentina by Valentino as it has a floral smell which makes it seem elegant and feminine. Also, it's not over powering so I like to put a lot of deodorant on with this on top and I still won't smell like a brothel!

Love O

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