Monday, 17 November 2014

I'm in Vegas!

Hey guys,

This is a message I wrote last week for today- ohhhh a message in the future-Anyways, so I'm in... drum roll please...... VEGAS!

Unfortunately I am not at home to post right now or on Wednesday which is Oracle Day! Don't you fret though because I forward planned and scheduled an exciting post, for you all my lovelies!
I probably couldn't have told you, and you wouldn't have known. But, seeing as I'm going Vegas, which is my first time even in America, I thought I'd ask you guys what I should get from here, what to do and anything else you want to tell me about Vegas or just America in general, that is different to us brits.

When I get back I will most definitely be filming a huge haul and maybe even a couple of Vlogs while I'm away!

Love O

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