Wednesday, 26 November 2014

MAN vs FOOD Isleworth Review

Last week, Arun and I went to the Man vs Food resteraunt in Isleworth because we are obsessed with the TV show and were so happy they brought it to London.

It's quite awkwardly located if I'm honest as it's down an extremely busy road where there's no parking but we managed to park and make our way into the diner.

On walking in, I quite liked the atmosphere, it was just really chilled and filled with good banter. I guess more like a bar than a restaurant. It had a buzz.


We were welcomed by very friendly staff and given the menu, which was around the same price as restaurants such as Nandos, The Byron, GBK... So you're basically looking at around £15-20 ahead.
I thought not to bad considering it is supposed to be pretty good (our poorly judged opinion was purely based on the TV show).

To start we ordered the chicken wings, which for a starter was around the same size as my boyfriends main! The chicken wings were doused in this amazing hot sauce which I couldn't get enough of... Yet the chicken itself was odd. The bones seemed to be broken so marrow was leaking in places, and parts of the wing were black which I thought was strange. 

Now the main, I wish I could say something positive, but to start, it took around 20 minutes to start, not bad, except Arun's (my boyfriend) came and they completely forget about mine bringing it over around another 15 minutes later. 

Yes, by the time my burger had arrived to me it was cold. As cold as a bloody dead fish. Although it was impressively large (bigger than my hand, as shown above) the food just didn't meet the quality I had expected. I would honestly rather had eaten a Big Mc, which if you you me, you'll know I've eaten maybe 3 McDonald's in the past 5 years and only in emergencies! The bun was freezing like as if it hadn't been cooked at all, the meet tasted of rubber but was concealed by a large slop of cheese. It was supposed to be a BBQ style burger with BBQ sauce, because I was having some serious cravings but it didn't have any in it. Literally none! Zilch.   


So I put a load of chili sauce on it. 

I stubbornly ate my burger because by this point it was around 9pm and I hadn't eaten anything since 11am. It's really true... You'll eat anything if you're really hungry! I left nearly all the bun and tried to munch my way through as much of the burger as possible. 
Luckily, the chips weren't too shabby, so I happily ate those! 
So, the moral to this review is, don't risk it and go to either Nandos, KFC or GBK for a tasty but inexpensive meal worth paying for!

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