Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to use Social Media to Gain Blog Views

So I have found another obsession... Pinterest. Oh my god, isn't it addictive?! If you want to check out my pinterest just click here. I'm also on a load of other platforms, so here are my links and ramblings on them!

Facebook is a great way to interact with other bloggers and find out about blogger events and find people to collab with. It also great if you want to join groups as well as make your own facebook page for your blog. Although it doesn't get you many post views it's good just to join the group and get to know other bloggers, see what kind of things people are posting that much and if you fancy following some bloggers. With some groups having around 6,000 members, you're sure to find a new blog to love!

I love instagram. It's also a great way to see what other bloggers take photos of to inspire your blog. I love looking at outfit posts when I'm stuck on what to wear. In terms of traffic, I don't get many from instagram

Hashtags are your best friend!! Learn to tweet after every time you post. Twitter gets me quite a lot of views. Tag groups that can retweet your tweet too because that will increase the audience that can view your post.

Although Polyvore doesn't get me many views or followers, it is great for making collages and looks such as this.

I don't get any views from tumblr, but I don't have any followers really *cough* feel free to follow my tumblr *cough*. However, I love using tumblr for inspiration. If I need a photo, tumblr is my place to go! It's like instagram, except the photos are much more indie and you don't have to upload photos- unless you want to of course.

I just joined pinterest, but it's so good for creating boards of what you've just posted. I'm doing the very tedious job of going through all my old posts and making pinterest boards for them. But honestly, it is worth it because I have got a fair amount of views from it already!

Which is your favourite social platform for blogging? Facebook and Twitter are mine. How do you share your posts?

Love O

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