Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How To Know He's The One

So you've found your guy? You really like him. But how do you know he's the one? Well, after doing thorough research-and I mean reading a heck of a lot of cosmo and glamour- here is my list of ways to know that he/she is 'the one'.

1) You can’t imagine life without him

When you don't see him for a week, you don't say I miss you to be nice, you really do miss him and can't wait for that lovely, warm hug. When you go to the movies or to dinner, you can't help but think there is no one else you'd enjoy doing it more with. You get really excited about going on holiday and sharing new experiences with him and it upsets you to think of breaking up and going through all these new experiences with someone else. When you watched Snape cry over Lily's death, you knew his pain because you simple can't imagine your life anymore without your other half.

2) It's never awkward

Whether you are sitting quietly doing your own thing or hanging out and you pause to look at each other and simply smile. There is never an awkward silence, it's always cool and chilled because you feel completely relaxed in his company. You could be doing the most stupid thing ever like dancing around to 'Love is a battlefield' whilst singing into your hairbrush while he's on the laptop and you really don't care. 

3) You never get bored of him

Yes sometimes you might get sick of each other and need a day or two to hang out on your own. That's because you're in a relationship, you're not Siamese twins, you don't need to see each other everyday so when you do, you will obviously get a bit sick of each other and bicker, like you do with your family. But, if even after a year he can still make you laugh and you still get excited to see him and to do your make-up to make yourself look cute, just to impress him. Then that means you're still fundamentally attracted to him as you still enjoy his company and you want him to equally be attracted to you. If within a year you're already like 'ugh I can't be bothered to see him' then you sure won't last a lifetime!

4) You trust him

You don't mind him going out with the boys, because you whole hardheartedly trust him. If even when he's out with the boys, he will take that minute to text you good night, then you know he' a keeper. 
Also, if you can trust him with your feelings. You can tell him anything and you know he'll support you. You trust that he won't hurt you by saying your thoughts suck. 
For me, I like that I trust my man so much, that if I ask him will I like a dish or a movie, I know that he knows me inside out and will know whether I do. Obviously that only comes with time, but if after a year he still doesn't know you hate mushrooms and keep cooking it for you, sack him!

5) You still fancy him 

If you still look at him when he's not looking, like a little teenage girl, and think god he's hot, then you are well and truly in love. Especially if you think he's gorgeous even after he's started deciding it's ok to fart in front of you. Do you think about him and smile? 
Yes you may still fancy that famous actor, *cough* Robert Downey Jr *cough*, but at the end of the day you still fancy him as much as the day you first met him and don't look at men on the street and think I wish my man was that hot.

6) He’s the person you call first with news

Whether it's a promotion at work or your favourite character on The Vampire Diaries has died, he's the first person you run to call! He doesn't even watch the TV Show but he knows all their names and what's been happening because you call him and tell him about the series so much. When you and your friends have a fight you call him and feel so much better after because he really listens and gives the best advice. Even when you're in the wrong he'll try to be understanding and won't shout at you and will just say I understand your point but you should say sorry. Because he's not just your boyfriend he's your best friend. He also is up to date on all the gossip about you and all your friends and work. He knows who the 'guy with the wonky eye' is and who your friends are now dating. Why? Because you can't help but tell him everything.

7) He's your biggest fan

When you tell him your doing a cheer competition or playing at a pub, he want's to be at the front row watching rehearsals and the live show. He is so proud of you and loves to show off how well you're doing. When you do well at work, he vocally tells you how much you make him proud and vice versa. When he does well you can't help telling all your friends and family how good he's doing.

8) Your his Queen and he's your King

You have a lot of respect for each other and treat each other as equals. So, you go out of your way to look after each other. When your ill he offers to make soup and when he's had a rubbish day at work you offer to make him his favourite meal. He still opens doors for you and treat you like a lady even after the honey moon. Once in a while he still whine and dines you. But ladies, don't expect things from him. He won't treat you like his queen if you don't treat him like your king. Sometimes make him breakfast in bed, take turns washing up, let him play his playstation because as much as you want to be treated, so does he. Men aren't put on the planet to serve us women. We are here to work together in unity. So if he treats you with respect, he still says please and thank you, he doesn't shout at you just because he's stressed, he takes the time to treat you sometimes and shows his appreciation when you treat him, even if it's just a doughnut. Then he's worth it. 

9) He'll make sacrifices for you

His friends are going on a once in a lifetime holiday but it's your birthday, so he skips it to be with you on your special day. That there is true love my friend. If he has football on Monday and Wednesday but you can only see him then, then he will try to re-arrange one of the days to see you. Likewise if one of you wants to see the football and the other wants to see the latest chick flick, he will compromise, football this week and the film next week. And he will stick to this promise! If he can't be bothered to make any sacrifices for you then he's clearly not that into you.

10) He only has eyes for you.

You're at the bar and get served by the hottest waitress ever, but he doesn't even notice her tiny shorts or her boobs pretty much running away from her shirt, because he's too busy looking at you. Or a girl on the street checks him out when you're together and he doesn't even see. And the best? When a girl actually goes to flirt with him, while you're in the bathroom and he proudly says I have a girlfriend straight away, and then you walk back from the bathroom he smiles because you make him happy. If he loves you so much that no other girl matters and vice versa. Then you know he's the one.

Have you found your one? How did you know he was the right one? 
Love O

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