Thursday, 4 September 2014

FASHION: New Look, Zara, Kate Spade, Dune, Uggs & Ralph Lauren HAUL

So I went a little shopping mad and splurged out on a load of clothes.. Unfortunately I couldn't take photos of them ALL but here are 90% of the things I got!! None of the items were particularly pricey so I will leave links to where I bought each item for you guys. I looked really hard for the exact items but quite a few items are out of stock so I have left a link in these cases to items which look similar. Just a quick disclaimer, I am not rich and of course I don't go shopping for new things all the time, these are some of the clothes I have bought throughout the whole of the summer.  I am also super lucky to have a nice boyfriend who treated me to a fair few of the items in this haul... Thank You Arun! Rant over. Enjoy!

New Look Top similar here

La Senza Bandeau on sale for £1 while stock lasts as it's shops are shutting down.
I bought this lovely dress on ebay here. I love it so much, it's so pretty, comfortable and colourful and goes well with so many different looks. The bag is from Kate Spade which I talk about in detail below and shoes from Just Fab

Yellow and White Polka Dotted Romper from Calzedonia. Similar here 
Excuse the quality of the next three photos I took with my iPhone... Rookie mistake.
New Look striped top with a navy lace trimming. Similar here.
I team my new look top with my Mulberry Bag 'Lily' in Deer brown and Primark canvas shoes.
Dress (similar here) and Jacket (similar here) both from Zara.

Ralph Lauren Top similar here and Ugg Heeled Boots, similar here.

I paired the new items with old ripped Levi jeans and a Primark bag.

Zara dress with a lace back, similar here and two tone Dune shoes like these.

My lovely Dune shoes

I've saved the best for last! Here is my Kade Spade, faded mint, Malena bag from the Lilac Road Collection. I found this treasure on sale for £100, they also had them in navy and in two toned white and beige too. I settled with Mint because as you know, I love to wear everything white, monochrome and blue so it goes with all my outfits. The white one was stunning too but as my boyfriend reminded me, it will get dirty really fast. It's a great size, it can fit anything from my uni books to my laptop! Although I don't want to ruin it so I won't be putting them in my bag... I adore how simple the bag is, the Kate Spade label is in rose gold and I really live the trimming at the bottom. To keep the bag from getting ruined there are studs in the same rose gold at the bottom of the bag.
The inside pocket is so cute! On the opposite side, inside the bag there are two phone pockets too.

I'm so girly, as soon as I saw the cute monochrome lining of BOWS I fell in love!! I love going into my bag and seeing the oh so cute lining! 
Love O

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