Monday, 8 September 2014

FASHION DIY: How To Fix Scuffed Heels

I love wearing heels, pretty much on a daily basis (bad, I know!) so it really sucks when one of my favourite pairs get all scuffed! I really loved these heels shown below as they have a faux wooden platform, they are super comfy and go with everything! Hence I really didn't want to chuck these bad boys away. Especially when they are still perfect other than the scuffs! So, I found this quick solution that really works! What is it? Felt tips guys!

♥ So, to start pick a colour pen that is as close to the colour of your shoes. This is what's so great about this trick, if like me you have a load of pens then you'll have every shoe colour covered!

♥ Finally just follow my simple diagram and you will have your shoes back to a wearable condition in no time! Of course your shoes will never look new again if you have scuffed them into tatters like I did, but as you can see from the images, it is a vast improvement. 

I've worn them since, and unless someone is actually staring at them and looking out for the coloured in scuffs then you really can't tell. Especially if it's the evening!

I'm not sure how well this technique would work on material shoes such as faux suede but it works wonders on patent, plastic, canvas, literally everything other than fur!

I hope you've enjoyed this little DIY tip! If you end up trying it out, leave me a comment down below or tweet me @oriannarosa! 

Love O


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