Monday, 15 September 2014

My Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Students

As a student do you find yourself overwhelmed by debts, student loans, accommodation and all the other boring finance stuff that honestly makes little sense. Well if you're not, I certainly am! This post is for those students who at the end of each month have no money left and are surviving on a can of beans or noodles...

1. If you haven't yet decided, the first problem to figure out is whether or not you are staying home. Living at home obviously, is much much cheaper than renting or staying at halls. However, some people worry that you won't get that 'uni life' experience. From first hand as I chose to stay at home, I can tell you that I don't feel like I have missed out; I have a lovely room that is spacious and has room for all my many clothes, I can go to bed when I want without worrying about other people making noise and needing sleep for an exam or vice versa, I have more money to spend on going out with my friends and being someone who likes clean space, I don't have to worry about other people leaving a mess. Also, I still made some lovely friends even though I'm not at halls- just because you share an apartment it doesn't automatically mean you'll be BFF's! I've made a great bunch of friends through societies, my course and cheerleading who all share common interests as me. The only thing you have to keep on top of is the amount of money you spend on travel. Should you get an oyster or a weekly pass?

2. For you fashionistas out there this is a massive money-saving tip. Sew! I for one love to sew, whether it's doing a little crochet to jazz up an old outfit to fixing things. Sewing has saved me so much money, as I'm small instead of getting things tailored, which costs so much, I'll just sew a couple of darts or what not myself. Equally if something such as a strap has broken but the item is still in good nick, I'll just sew it up instead of buy a new one!

3. Learn how to cook. Cooking things from scratch works out soooo much cheaper and not to mention, much healthier than buying take away's or microwave meals! It's also a life skill that will serve you for the rest of your life! Try starting off by making something simple such as pesto pasta and gradually getting onto more challenging recipes such as shepards pie which is great because you can put it in the fridge and have it for a couple of days.

4. It's no secret that the majority of the money students spend is towards partying. If you are a bit of a part animal then I'd advise you got out on student nights as most clubs have great deals for us students. Google which clubs are in your area and which offers are going on, why pay £20 entrance fee if somewhere else has free or discounted entry offer? Also, don't eat loads before you go out if you are going out to get wasted. Eat enough simple carbs such as a toastie to line your stomach so you don't get ill but don't fill yourself up or you will be sober all night. Yup, it's happened to me. Seafood also isn't the best of ideas before a night out if you want to refrain from vomiting... Always pre-drink. Gather up with a group and have a few drinks before you go out as drinks in clubs (especially in London) cost a lot of money! A glass of cheap wine for example, at a club will set you back around £7, a bottle however from your local Tescos, will cost you around the same price.

5. If you really get an urge to go shopping. keep updated on when the sales are on. Zara and Topshop in particular, tend to have really good sales where you can get items that were originally £40 for around a tenner. If you go with a friend you can look out for 2 for 1 items and pay half-half for an item each. Ebay is your best friend. Seriously. You can find anything from make-up brushes and storage to clothes and accessories at such a small price! Finally, do some research and find out where your nearest outlet store is if you like higher end items. You can get so many items from outlet stores in perfect condition but so much cheaper.

Sorry this was more of a chunky and serious topic than a post full of images if you were just looking for a light read! 

Love O

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