Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Fall Edit

The Fall Edit

The Fall Edit by oriannarosa featuring a long sleeve crop top

This Fall is all about those statement pieces and standing out with bold unique items. It's all about your cropped jumpers, ripped jeans and chunky heels. Think 70's punk meets city chick.

To keep the look sophisticated and demure, don't over load these items; Mix up the textures with soft and blunt pieces to keep it feminine. The bit of skin flashing from your ripped jeans make's anything interesting but don't over do them to avoid looking a little tarty! These tops (above) are perfect for this season; the colours are beautiful, the cuts are simple and you can layer them for colder days with a  good old blazer or leather jacket.

Accessorize with bold and outspoken items such as this awesome Valentino clutch. And don't you just love those lace up brown booties?! They'd make any outfit ooze sophistication, softening any grunge look. Also, the plum fedora hat with matching lipstick makes the outfit look much more 'together' and classy.

 I can't wait to break into my Fall outfits this year because it's going to allow us to: experiment much more with fashion and choose styles that you would never had thought to wear, push the boundaries and its just going to be a lot of fun!

Love O


  1. De trui en de hoed zijn gaaf! leuke blog heb je. Ik volg je nu op Bloglovin :)


    1. Thankss! my bloglovin is oriannas oracle there's a widget on my page that you can click and follow :) <3 xo