Thursday, 11 September 2014

20,000 Blog Views!

Thank You sooooo much to all you guys reading my blog! And an extra big hug to the ones who regularly come back to read more!!

My summer goal this year was to reach 20,000 blog views and with 2 weeks left of my summer holiday, I finally reached that goal! Admittedly, being abroad for a month in total without internet access this summer, made it slightly harder to reach my target but I still managed to get it. So I am super chuffed.

For some people it's probably a really rubbish goal to be proud of because they get way more than that each day, nonetheless, it still means that what I write- whether it is a deep and helpful post or even something less meaningful or fashion related- someone out there is reading it. Even if a post has interested, helped or been enjoyed by one person, then I am happy.

I adore my blog a little more each day, as I have said before my blog is my sanctuary where I like to relax while writing posts, so it makes me happy that you can all relax too while reading them.

I am so so grateful that you all read my posts and will continue to carry on posting my thoughts for you guys for as long as you keep wanting to read them. :)

So much love for all my fellow viewers around the world!

Lots and Lots of Love,

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