Tuesday, 15 July 2014

REVIEW: Kim Kardashian's Hollywood Game

Kim Kardashian has taken over not only our T.V but also our mobile phones in the form of her new game "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood". 
The aim of the game is simple; to become a celebrity. To make the journey from an E to an A lister you need to complete challenges such as photo shoots, using energy. These challenges vary in time from 1 hour to 24. The more time you have, the harder the challenge is to complete and the more energy you have to use. You receive 1 energy point every 5 minutes, so unless you want to wait for your energy to fill up (which is what I did), then you have to pay for more energy with your own money. 
I downloaded the surprisingly high rated game, to test it out little over a week ago. My first impression was- what is this rubbish? I found the game superficial and boring-why do I want to waste my time completing photo shoots to become famous in a virtual word? 
However, after a few days the game became surprisingly addictive, where it became like a sort of competition of who could become an A-lister first. After a week of completing challenges I quickly became an A-lister. Now all I have left to do is stay at the top, which is somehow even more boring than the boring challenges I needed to complete to get to the top. Unlike The Sims games, where you can be interactive and choose your actions and thus your avatars destiny, this game leaves little to the imagination and leaves you feeling like a passive player. 
To top it off, the game is ridden with annoying adverts which pop up ALL the time at every opportunity!! 
This game is definitely just a craze ,which will go out of style sooner than Crocs did and will surely be deleted from my phone.
PS Don't forget that I'm officially changing my blog domain to oriannasoracle.blogspot.com on the 3rd of August! 

Love O

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