Monday, 21 July 2014

My Interview Tips

Heya guys!

Last week I had a job interview with Debenhams- which if you're not from the UK, is a big, upmarket department store that sells everything from clothes to home furniture- and I got the job. I am so excited to start earning a bit of money, even if it's not much, so I can go out more often and not have to say no to friends because I'm broke all the time!

Anyhoo, seeing as it is now the summer and many of you will probably be looking to get part time and summer jobs, I thought that I'd share with you my tips on how to ace your interview!

I hope it is super helpful. Just remember, be yourself but also be confident in yourself and you will be fine.:)

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Love O


P.s. I am changing my blog domain from oriannarosa to after the 3rd of August!

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