Monday, 28 July 2014

What To Take on Holiday: Holiday Tips & Checklist

I am going on holiday soon, so I thought I'd help those of you stuck on what to pack or how to pack for their adventure! Enjoy!

Top Tips:

  • Always bring extra underwear, around half the amount of your holiday more. So if you are going for 9 days bring around 16 pairs. This is because, if you are sweating and thus have a shower both in the morning and night or if you go to the beach, you may end up changing your underwear twice in one day, so it's safer to have extra!
  • I always take a different shirt for everyday but only a couple of skirts and shorts. This way you can mix and match different outfits. Don't forget to include a nice dress and a couple of nice tops for formal wear.

  • Bring colours that go together well. This way you will find it easy to pick out an outfit everyday. Also this means everything can be mix and matched so you don't need to pack a lots of things. Everything I am taking on holiday is in blue, black white or Red. 
  • Wear your heavier garments to the airport. So, if like me you are going to a hot country, then you probably won't need many heavy items. I like to wear a pair of patterned leggings with a pretty plain shirt and a thick cardigan. Don't ever forget your cardigan, you will most likely need one on a cool evening. This will leave you comfy on the plane and as you are wearing your heaviest items, you will save so much luggage space! If you really want to bring heels, wear them to the airport and take them off on the plane. I like to bring a pair of fluffy slippers for the journey that fit into my bag.
  • Bring a few plastic bags that you can use to put your dirty laundry in while on holiday. This is just in case there aren't any washing facilities available, as you can then separate your dirties from your cleans.
  • When it comes to actually packing I like to roll my shirts and put them to one side of the suitcase and fold my shorts, skirts and dresses normally and keep them to the other side, as I have done below. My suitcase has pockets on the inside part that opens. This is where I put all my underwear.

Have you double checked you have packed everything right? No? Well, you can check now with this nifty checklist I made!

Holiday Checklist: 

  Holiday insurance 
 Flight Tickets 
 Money in correct currency
 Credit cards 
 Holiday Insurance documentation 
 Holiday home and personal keys 
 Mobile Phone – camera phone is preferable
Charger for electronics with adapter 
 Driving Licence 
 Photocopies of Passport/Insurance 
 Holiday Address and Itinerary 
 Glasses and sunglasses
  Shirts/ Shirts/Tops 
 Swimwear other beach garments
 Beach towels 
 Flip flops and sandals
 Wedding garments if needed 
 If you have a baby then things to cater their needs eg nappies, changing mat and bottles. 
 Suntan and after sun lotion 
 Lip balm 
 Hair products 
 Bath/shower products although most hotels provide this.
 Shaving cream 
 Aftershave (for men)
 Dental products 
 Beauty products 
 Female hygiene products/tampons 
 Wet wipes 
 Hairbrush/ Comb
 Hairdryer and other hair products
 Nail File/Emery board 

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