Thursday, 3 July 2014

No More Orianna Rosa

Hey Guys,

I am going to jump straight in the deep end and tell you my news...

I am changing my blog name, mainly because I feel like I've changed from back when I first started this blog (at just turned 17) where my posts where only really personal ones. Of course, I will still post personal diary-like entries, as I still do but that won't be my blog sole focus.

My new blog name and DOMAIN will be Orianna's Oracle! So note down my new blog name if you want to search for my post's on google as from 03/08/2014, as you won't be able to find them under Orianna Rosa anymore!!

But, don't you worry because you have a month to remember and I will remind you on every blog post I write up until then.

I am so excited as a new name calls for a revamp! Super excited! So, I will get started on re-imaging my blog today with the lovely british blogger Corran who is obsessed with nail art-who isn't? So get on that link and check her blog out! We will also be doing a collab post- I am almost peeing myself with excitement!

Anyways, please leave me a comment telling me what you guys think about my new name and about my blog's new look which will be finished a few hours after posting this- I just wanted to give you readers a head start so you can brace yourself for change!

And the one month countdown starts to when I officially change my domain!

Love O

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