Friday, 25 July 2014

OOTD, Sunshine & Frozen Yoghurt

Today I had the day off work, so I met up with my friend from uni Lena, in Richmond. I had such an enjoyable day so I thought I'd share it with you! :)

As it's so sunny over here at the moment- apparently record braking hot for britain- I wore a loose romper and these cute floral sandals which I love!They go with everything as they are nude and have a lovely and subtle, silver detailing which looks like chains connecting the daisies to make a daisy chain! Cute right!?  I used an L.A Colours nail varnish in silver on my toes and Revlon in Siren on my nails which I have been loving lately. To accessorize, I wore many (fake) pearl bracelets on arm and a few silver rings, including my beloved mood ring that I have somehow managed to keep from the age of around 7!

Finally, I added my bold blue Juicy Couture bag which my boyfriend gave to me amongst many other anniversary presents. If you want to read all about that day, which was a while back now, then check out the post he wrote about it here. I adore everything about the bag, from the material and the colour to the shape and size of it! It compliments nearly every outfit I wear, as I wear a lot of blue, black, white and grey.

As for my face, I left it all pretty natural. I applied a very small amount of BB cream on my problem areas, a sweep of shimmer and a flick of eyeliner on my eyes (for once I didn't do a cat eye!), lipbalm on my lips and some light contouring with my bronzer. I straightened my hair for work yesterday, so today I just brushed through it when I woke up.

All ready to go out, I then proceeded to get the train for Richmond. Lena and I, met up for lunch time having planned to have cocktails and a light lunch. Our plans swiftly changed when we passed a beautiful little shop called The Farmery which sell all sorts of frozen yoghurts! Being lactose intolerant this was a real treat as the bacteria in yoghurt eats the lactose (or something like that), so I can eat it sans probleme!

Lena got the healthier plain yoghurt option with exotic fruit and brownies on top... Myself on the other hand, had A strawberry and caramel yoghurt mix, with mini eggs (chocolate) and white chocolate on top, topped off with caramel sauce. It was simply divine! I have never really caught onto the frozen yoghurt trend, but now that I have tried it out I will probably be obsessed with it. Aside from its' food, the place was really nice, so we stayed there for a good hour chatting away. The atmosphere is really calming as they played background music while we ate on the comfy sofas facing the door- we got a lovely breeze over here while we enjoyed our desserts.  They also sell many other desserts but we were so full we couldn't even eat a proper lunch after this let alone another dessert!

Check out the rest of my photos below.. And remember I'm changing my blog domain to from 03/08/14 which is next week!!

Love O

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