Tuesday, 11 February 2014

FASHION: What to buy this Spring

Spring is coming so the chunky knits are out and the floral dresses are in! I'm in desperate need of some day and night dresses, shoes and shirts. Hence, I thought I'd share with you guys a few little numbers I'm looking to buy for this season. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty broke at the moment because having a boyfriend and being a cheerleader is so expensive! But it's all in good cause. So, the clothes that I am looking at is student friendly and won't burn too big of a whole in my pocket.

I stumbled across this cute and girly dress on prettylittlething and I love it! I love the colour and I love the shape. It won't let copy the full picture but click here to see it or buy it.

Chiffon dress

The next couple of dresses are from h&m which I love for its affordable yet fashionable clothing. I therefore have a very large amount of h&m clothing! I love the colour red on me but have nothing in red; so I'm on a mission to buy something red this year!

Patterned dress
I also love this cute black and white floral dress. It looks so relaxed and casual and yet rock chic at the same time. This would be great for all weather too because I could add tights, wedges and a leather jacket or sandals and a straw hat for the winter or summer. 

These shirts are so cute! I love the transparent section and I don't know why but they remind me of ice cream? Which is a good thing! They are just so perfect for the spring and the summer because it's so casual and loose which leaves you room to breathe and can be teamed with anything! White and black is out of stock which sucks but I really love the pink one and green one although I'll only buy the pink one because green isn't really my colour. At under a fiver these are a total bargain!

 ebay top link

I really love the back of this simple crop top! It's so cute!! This could be worn like the model for a casual boho look or with a pencil skirt for a glam night out! This too is under a fiver!! I do love ebay! Honestly, when it comes to buying shirts ebay is the best because it's so affordable and I am rarely left disappointed and if I am, the seller is usually really understanding and offers a refund.

Ebay crop top link

I really like pumps at the moment because they are so comfortable and who doesn't love a bit of feet TLC. Treat your feet to a day without heels with a pair of stylish pumps! Dorothy Perkins have a lovely range of pumps for just £12 which is pretty decent if you ask me! I love these striped ones and I also loved these pastel blue ones!


P.S sorry I've been quite absent this week, I've been really poorly! However, I will try to beat the winter blues and keep up with the blogging!

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