Thursday, 27 February 2014

FASHION: Primark accessories haul

So, I recently went into Primark some spring accessories and came across the following beauties! I've really wanted to add some more pinks and floral themed items into my cupboard to make it a little more girly and as I said in my 'What to buy this spring' post I really wanted to invest in some flats. So I did.
 Ps please do forgive my tired, hours of shopping and no make up face!

I think these rings are super cute and ditsy! I especially love the flower and bow one. My main reason for buying this is because my watch is gold with Swarovski crystals and a white strap but all my rings are silver. Clash! So I've been looking for some simple, understated and not OTT rings that will allow me to wear them with my watch for a while.  The best part? They cost me £2!!

Other cute accessories I bought are these packs of earrings and bows which conveniently (it was no accident) go with the rings I bought and cost a total of £3! Ohhhh yeahhhh!
So far I have genuinely used all the earrings as they are light colours which go with everything from monochrome to this seasons trend, pastels. So far I've only used the white bow but when it's warmer I'll be wearing the pink one much more...

As for the flats, these bad boys set me back only £4 and as they are blue they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe! They are so comfortable and are a really good high street copy cat of Toms Shoes. So if you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money which you don't have on a pair of Toms shoes made out of canvas then spend a fraction of the price on a Primark pair. I saw that they also came in a few other colours, notably white but because I was so fascinated with these I honestly can't remember the other colours they came in! Forgive me?! Anyways that's all I bought so that's the end of this haul. What do you guys think? Great spring buys or a waste of cash!
Love O

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