Wednesday, 5 February 2014


 1: Do you have a crush at the moment? I'm with him :)
2: Have you ever been deeply in love? Yesss 
3: Longest relationship you've ever been in? A year and a half 
4: Have you ever changed for someone? Never! 
5: How is your relationship with your ex? We don't talk! 
6: Have you ever been cheated on? Yupp :( 
7: Have you ever cheated? No way! 
8: Would you date someone who's well known for cheating? Well that would be a bit stupid... so no.
9: What's the most important part of a relationship? Laughter, happiness and trust. I love to have a good time and I think laughter and happiness with your partner all come hand in hand with trust :) 
10: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings? Serious all the way 
11: When you are dating someone do you believe in going on "breaks"? No!!! If you want to be with me you shouldn't want a break because that means you're unsure of our relationship. If so then break up with me! 
12: How many people have you ever hooked up with? Cheeky cheeky! 
13: What's one thing you regret saying/doing in a previous relationship? Saying yes to taking my ex back! 
14: What age do you think is appropriate for kids to start having sex? When they feel mature enough to use the right protection, are in a serious relationship and would be ready to deal with the consequences of an 'accident'. 
15: Do you believe in the phrase "age is just a number"? If you really love someone then age shouldn't come in to it. Just don't go for anyone under age because that's pedophilia! 
16: Do you believe in "love at first sight"? 100%! I went on one date with my boyfriend and instantly new he was the one! 
17: Do you believe it's possible to fall in love on the internet? If you get to know them well enough then you could fall in love with their personality :)
18: What do you consider a deal breaker? Cheating, lying or being violent.
19: How do you know it's time to end a relationship? You don't feel the same as you did.. You fight a lot and the relationship is bringing you more anger and sorrow than it is happiness. That's when you know.
20: Are you currently in a relationship? Yepp
21: Do you think people who have dated can stay friends? If they work very hard at maintaining a friendship and ended their relationship on amicable terms. But from experience no! Haha 
22: Do you think people should date their friends? Do what you want as long as it doesn't affect others including your friends/ friendship group.
23: How many relationships have you had? 3 serious ones 
24: Do you think love can last forever? Why not?
25: Do you believe love can conquer all things? I wish! But realistically, probably not.
26: Would you break up with someone your parents didn't approve of? Nooo! It's my life and so I will live it the way I want. If I love someone then I will be with him regardless. 
27: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating what would it be? Have fun and relax. Your dream man is on his way! 
28: Do you think long distance relationships can work? If you work hard at keeping in contact and trust eachother then yes
29: What do you notice first about another person? Their eyes and facial features. Then their body size and height. 
30: Are you straight, bi, gay or pansexual? I hate labels! I'm human.
31: Would it bother you if your partner suffered from any mental illness? No. With the amount of talking I do I wouldn't be surprised if he developed one haha
32: Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? Luckily no
33: Do you want to get married one day? Of course! Big white dress and all! 
34: What do you think about getting your partner's name tattooed? It's more permanent than marriage! 
35: Could you be in a relationship without sex? Of course if I really loved him then we would find other ways to enjoy ourselves. 
36: Are you still a virgin? No
37: What's more important: Looks or personality? Personality because when you're an old couple your man won't be good looking anymore. Mine will still be funny! 
38: Do you enjoy love films? I love them
39: Have you ever given anyone/received roses? My boyfriend once 
40: Have you ever had a valentine? This is my first year! A had one a couple of years ago but I was on a school trip so we didn't really do valentines...
41: What's your imagination of a "perfect date"? On the beach having a stroll by the sea and an ice cream and then going on the pier and finally enjoy a picnic on the sand.
42: Have you ever read "Romeo & Juliet"? Yes
43: What's more important: Your partner or your friends? Both are equally as important! My boyfriend is genuinely one of my bestest friend! I wouldn't be able to chose between him and my other bestie! 
44: Would you consider yourself "romantic"? Yeah I'm a sop haha
45: Could you imagine to date one of your current friends? Nope
46: Have you ever been "friendzoned"? Probably! 
47: Which "famous couple" is your favorite? It has to be YouTube vloggers Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr. But if Russell Brand and Katy Perry were still together it would have been them!
48: What's your favorite love song? There are loadsss that I love! I'm super soppy! Every breath you take by the police is one of my favourites though 
49: Have you ever broken someone's heart? Yes
50: If you're single, why do you think you are? 
51: Would you rather date someone who's rich but a douchebag or someone who's poor but a nice guy? How poor? Like a tramp? I'm not sure! 
52: Are you good at giving other people advice regarding dating/ relationships? I'd like to think I am! 
53: Are you jealous of couples when you're single? Not really. I tend to do my own thing when I'm single and still have fun! 
54: How important is it to make a relationship official (p.e. on facebook)? It's not! Me and my boyfriend didn't do it for months! Who cares what your Facebook says! As long as you haven't left it as single then why worry?
55: Would you consider yourself "clingy", "overly attached" or "jealous"? Not really. I guess everyone can have a bit of a green eye problem once in a while but on the whole I think I'm pretty good!
56: Have you ever "destroyed" a relationship? Never! 
57: Do you think it's silly to consider suicide because of a broken heart? Yes. If he left you then you deserve someone who will stay through thick and thin and if he or she died then although it may be hard to live a life without him in the present time, time heals everything and he/ she would want to see you living life happily not being suicidal!
58: Are you the "dominant" or the "submissive" part in a relationship? Both! Sometimes I'll be the one to tell him off for being silly but he does the same to me for other things so I'd say we are pretty equal.
59: Have you ever forgotten important dates like your partner's birthday or your anniversary? By accident I said the wrong date but I actually do know the date! 
60: What's your opinion on open relationships? I wouldn't want one but if someone else wants one then go ahead, do what works for you.
61: Who's more important: Your partner or your family? Family to begin with. But your partner after a while should become family.
62: How do you define "cheating"? Doing anything from texting to sex which you know would hurt your partners feelings. If you have to delete a message then you're already there.  
63: Is watching porn while being in a relationship inappropriate? Nope. He can do what he wants in his free time. He's a boy for gods sake! Just as long as he doesn't cheat.
64: Do you think Valentine's Day is overrated? I think it's lovely. It's a day of love and appreciation. Like Mother's Day but for girl/boyfriends! 
65: Would you consider yourself a "cuddler"? Ohhh yeahh!! 100%

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