Tuesday, 18 February 2014

DIY: Decoupage Room Decor

I recently bought a really cute wooden 'Relax' sign from Primark -for only £1 which I think is a total bargain- and I knew straight away that I wanted to decorate it using decoupage to accesorize my bedroom. I wanted to go for a country-chic theme that goes with my clay coloured room which I've already styled with vintage accesories in pastel blues and pinks. This is how it looks on my shelf! Excuse the poor quality of the image my room has terrible lighting... So without further ado, here is your simple DIY which will really add a personal touch to your bedroom.

What you will need:

♥ Something you want to decorate
♥ Glue
♥ Scissors
♥ Magazines with patterns that you like. I used a winter issue of Homemaker


♥ First you will need cut out as many patterns and designs as possible from your magazine. You then need to gather all these images and see how well the colours work together, if they clash it won't look nice on the thing you are decorating so chuck it out. Avoid to go for themed patterns unless you are aiming to only use it on a certain time of year. For example the snowman design in the picture would only look good at Christmas and silly during the summer. It also clashes with the blue patterned paper I like. So it was the bin for Mr Snowman. As you can see I also photocopied some manuscript paper to make it extra personal as I play piano. You could try and include any personal theme such as sports, animals, monochrome, plants or your favourite things such as bands, colour, book, film.. The list is endless!

♥ You then want to take your wooden sign or whatever it is you are decorating and map out where you want what. This is the planning stage and it is crucial. Do not skip out this planning process or the final product will simply look messy and rushed, which we don't want.

♥ Once you know roughly how you want your sign to look it is time to decorate it. Prepare to get messy! you need to cut the patters out to size so it fits what you are decorating. I cut the patterns into thin, long strips. Using pritstick or any available glue, stick the strips of paper onto what you are decorating and continue like so.  Once it is fully decorated leave it to dry overnight. When it is dry paint a layer of clear nail varnish on top to make sure the paper firmly stays smooth and to give it a professional shine.


♥ I interwined the musical notes through the letters, added a cute bird wearing a crown on the 'e' and cut out the phrase 'we are so good together' and stuck it along the 'x'.
This adds that extra personal touch to it and makes me love it so much more!

Have fun and get creative with it.
Love O



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