Friday, 22 November 2013

The Hunger Games- Catching Fire REVIEW


On the day of its release, my lovely Arun took me to see THG at Westfields and boy it was AMAZING!!!
I loved this film and I thought it was filmed in such a way that it could have been its own movie; People who haven't seen the first film would be able to watch this one, without feeling lost or confused. In the first film we are left on a cliff hanger on whether Katniss really loves Peter or whether it was all 'for show'. The truth is revealed in the first few minutes of the film!

The plot of the film is essentially two story lines merged, one of the oppression of the people in the districts by the Capitol leading to the blood-thirsty hunger game and one based around a love trio between Gale, Katniss and Peeta. It is visible that Katniss' emotions for Peeta become stronger during the course of the movie. In a bid to kill Katniss, Snow uses the 75th hunger game to make a special hunger game in which 2 victors from each district compete. The film reflects on celebrity culture and how they can be used to 'distract' the oppressed people from reality and give them false hope. It also really shows the corruption of the government in a third world (country) which leads to the dehumanisation of the poorer people which can be a reflection on the injustice of our society especially in lower economically developed countries. I found these scenes particularly hard to watch where although you don't see many scenes of explicit violence, it is boldly insinuated. I don't want to give away anymore about the plot because it truly is amazing but these are the main points which I found note-worthy.

The costumes are incredibly beautiful and well designed and help to make the film more quirky as you see more of the fashion from capitol which looks like a scene from Lady Gaga's wardrobe! Jenifer Lawrence shows she truly deserves all the Oscars she receives as she plays her character so believably throughout the film. Her acting as well as all the other actors is stepped up a notch as this film is much darker and more intense than the last film.

I'd definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes comedy, thriller, romance, action, fantasy or sci-fi as it has element of all of these in the film! I wouldn't take any child under the age of 15 to see this on their own even though it's a PG-13 as there are scenes that I found hard to watch and quite disturbing and I'm almost 19! It's also quite lengthy at almost 2 and a half hours long, but coming from the person who found avatar too long to watch, I can tell you that it's so jam packed with action and there's so much fitted in the movie that it couldn't have been any shorter and you really don't notice that it lasts so long!

The Hunger Games is yet again the film of the year.

Love O

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