Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lily Allen - Hard Out Here (Official Video) REVIEW

I love the lyrics to Lily's new song Hard out here as she underlines the sexism in our society. Through depicting the representation of women in the media she highlights the difference between how men and women are still perceived in the modern day. She also draws attention to the way in which society deems women who are sexually active promiscuous yet at the same time praises men for doing just that. Similarly to P!inks 'Stupid Girls', the meaning to the song sends a good message to younger girls growing up in today's society where MTV does little other than show women as objects of sexual desire with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke who are used as parodies in Allen's music video. I love the line "Don't need to shake my ass for you cuz I got a brain" as not only it pretty much sums up the song but it's so relevant right now with the latest craze "twerking". The song is a voice for females who are still to this day looking for equality.

I'm usually a massive Lily fan and love everything about her use of tongue and cheek however, I was little impressed with her video to Hard Out Here. Yes, it parodies sexist videos but by having women twerking and frolicking in underwear it still appeals to the "male gaze". The song is amazing but it seems the video, funny as it is, is an attempt to get publicity and attention which is basically the reason why stars such as Miley Cyrus make sexually exploiting videos in the first place. So, by doing so she is just playing into the 'sex sells' game that all these artists she's complaining about do. She could have perfectly got her point across without having shots of women bums being spanked and dancing with close up shots of their crotches, which I found not only quite pornographic, but at times uncomfortable to watch.

On the brighter side, it's super catchy and I can't stop singing the chorus!!

What do you think of the latest single?
Love O
(Picture: YouTube)
Parody of 'Robin Thicke has a big dick'
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An unnecessary scene in my opinion...
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Lily learns how to twerk

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