Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DIY BEAUTY: Kool-Aid Lipstain

OMG! This is genuinely the best thing since slice bread! Which I know I say about a lot of things.. But this really is the bullocks! Now, do as I say: Chuck out all of your lipstick. Yep. Every single one!! Why you may ask? Because Kool-aid is here to save the day! Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of lippie, but this nifty trick will leave your lips luscious for hours without the need for hourly top-ups!

I discovered this cute little trick on youtube and tried it out straight away. I was so impressed with the results that I knew I had to share it with you guys! Start by buying a pack of Kool-aid, I bought one for as little as 69p in black cherry as a tester. For those of you like me in the UK, you may be thinking "well that's useless it's an American product that I can't buy" you are in luck! Cyber Candy in Leicester square is my favourite "candy" shop which sell two floors of American produce from Pop tarts to Lucky charms and yes Kool-aid! However, I actually got this packet from a little shop in Guilford called Stateside Candy Co which I absoloutly adored! It's pretty small but it has some amazing finds, from space food which astronauts eat to all the red vines and taffy you can manage. You can also buy products from both these shops online. I will link the websites to both stores below.

I found little pots which used to have glitter in them and came in a set of three which I used to put the kool-aid in as it's closable and easy to carry and access. The whole contents of the kool aid fit perfectly into my little pot and I'm sure you could get these for a quid if you look around your local highstreet. Any small container will do! You could use old eyeshadow, lipbalm, or sample pots for this. The colour of the actual powder is a shade of purple but don't worry it comes out red on your lips!

Follow the picture I found on google on how to apply to kool-aid to your lips! Start by licking your lips a little so they are damp. Although in the picture the person uses their finger I would advise against this. I used my finger to apply the kool-aid to my lips yesterday and it completely stained my finger for the whole day, which wasn't very pretty! I re-applied it this morning but with a cotton bud instead (the ones for your ear) and it worked marvelously! Once you've applied a layer of kool-aid to your lips lick them again. Yummy right? Keep re-applying to get a darker shade. I only did one layer and it came out pretty dark for me! I find that the colour lasts for around 5 hours although I only did one layer. It is recommended that you use a lip balm or vaseline to lock the colour so it lasts longer after applying it however I didn't because I prefer a matt to a shiny finish for this look.

These pictures show how the kool-aid lipstain worked for me! It looks like lipstick right? I was genuinely amazed by the results and couldn't believe my eyes. These photos are 100% natural and UNEDITED! As it's a lipstain from dye it also means you can kiss all day without smudging and taking away the colour!

P.S it staines your tongue...

Love O


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