Friday, 29 November 2013

BEAUTY: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Review

My Review:

  • This is the best lip-balm ever!!! I love it so much that I've thrown out all of my Vaselines (which I hate), Coca Cola Lipsmackers and Chap stick lip-balms! Constant application of thee lip balms actually made my lips drier and as the cold weather started to recently kick in my lips were becoming increasing delicate and sore and beginning to crack!
  • The 100% natural ingredients nourish my lips and make them feel instantly smooth. The mixture of oils soften my lips whilst the peppermint makes them tingle a little bit.
  • The product is a little pricey in comparison to Superdrug's home brand, Nivea, Palmers and Dove lip balms however, for the natural ingredients you're buying it's good value for money at under £5.  
  • It has no paraben, fragrances, alcohol or petroleum which are all ingredients you want to avoid when buying a lip balm! See the list of luscious ingredients below! :) 
  • I've found that it really moisturizes my lips and like wax it sits on my lip for hours without drying them out so I don't feel like I need to constantly re-apply it. It also makes a great base for applying lipstick and also great to put on after exfoliating your lips.
  • It honestly smells like candy canes as a result of the peppermint which is great for Christmas! It's also great all year round because it's a very fresh and organic smell. However, they do have other flavours if you prefer fruitier smells.
  • I love the size as it can fit in my pocket/purse/handbag without occupying any space. They also do an old fashioned tin if you prefer.

More to love:

The packaging is made out of recycled plastic, so it's good on the environment, which is very important and the product isn't tested on animals! So not only it smells amazing, it's 100% natural, and great for your lips but also it's eco-friendly! WOOO!

You can buy this product in any drugstore like boots in the uk  or online:

beeswax, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, peppermint oil, lanolin, tocopherol, rosemary leaf extract, soybean oil, canola oil, limonene 

Love O

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