Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Reviewing My Summer Wishlist

If you haven't already read this post then you can read it here: http://oriannarosaroyle.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/my-summer-2013-wishlist.html
Looking back at my summer, the sun, ice cream and regular outings, it really does feel like a distant memory. In this post I'm going to look over what I wished to do in the summer and what I actually achieve, which is probably very little!

  • I only did 3 of them! Eeek that's bad! I did manage to get a tan thanks to the few very rare and hot weeks we had of summer here in rainy Britain! What I did was I lay down on my yoga mat and tanned while revising for my A-levels. See, beauty can be constructive!
  • I highlighted sections of my hair which I posted on my blog and will upload a link to the blog post below! I used the ombre, dip dye to highlight my hair and to this day my hair is still in the highlights although my roots have come through a little. 
  • I sewed a fair amount during the summer. I bought a dress in a charity shop from ASOS, I liked the material but not the shape so I fixed it up and gave it a lower neckline and just personalized it.
I really wish I did more on my list! On top of this, I did go to the Isle of Wight and Southampton instead of Brighton, blogged lots, went job hunting, shopped and partied. So it's not all doom and gloom! I'm now already saving up so I have more money this summer so that I can go on more holidays than just the one! I am looking to go somewhere hot and exotic as I have never been outside the EU. I also want to get a summer job at a magazine so that I can make my CV more constructive in leading me towards my dream job.

Love O

Blog post on highlighting my hair:


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