Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you've had an amazing Chrimbo so far!! Only one hour left and it's sale sale sale!!

I can finally reveal what I bought for my boyfriend, tickets for a weekend away in Paris! I bought him little present clues leading up to this big present which included socks to keep warm, bon-bons in blue, white and red, a photo frame filled with doodle drawing of lots of memories we shared and an Eiffel tower drawn in the corner of the frame and then finally a diary where the that days we are going have written we are going to France and a heart coloured in the French flag along with the Christmas card with the tickets.
I on the other hand, got a Mulberry purse, chocolate and Ugg ear muffs from my lovely Arun.

How has your day been? Did you get everything you wanted? Next up, new year!

Love O

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