Monday, 28 April 2014

Don't Change Your Layout!!

Ok, So, I'm an idiot would pretty much sum up this situation perfectly.

I was looking through different ways of showing my blog posts through the blogger layout page and I really liked the idea of a mosaic layout where you can see so many blog posts on one page. When I clicked apply to blog I had a shocker moment! I hadn't realised that this mean't I couldnt have the same background and colour settings as before so everything on my blog completely changed!! I was mortified, it looked horrible.

Following my realization, I then had the worst hour ever trying to undo any changes I made... It turns out you can't undo changing your layout and you are supposed to save your original HTML before hand... Oopsies! I think it's pretty obvious that I had not done this. This should be written in big red letters when you are looking at templates and layouts- there should be a 'changes are permanent' sign! I was way to excited looking at new designs, like a kid in a candy store, to even think about whether I could undo any changes.

Well I learnt the hard way; I had to spend over an hour trying to get my blog back to looking as close as possible to how is originally looked. I am sorry if the slight changes-which hopefully there aren't many- annoy you. On the other hand, I do love the new 'blog contents' font I chose!

After all that hard work I am knackered, I am going to tuck into bed, wind down and watch some good old reality TV  before going to sleep.

Love O

P.S. Tell any bloggers thinking of changing their layouts to read this first!

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