Thursday, 8 May 2014

COOKING: Joe's Southern Kitchen Review

On a date with my lovely boyfriend Arun, we strolled through Covent Garden and passed a lively American diner restaurant. Not being one to turn down a burger, I instantly took up the chance to pig out! The atmosphere was lively and busy, full of people chattering while enjoying their food. With a decor of southern American style I couldn't be more in love. The service couldn't have been better, as soon as we entered we were taken to our seats and each given a menu.

First things first, I ordered a London Flower cocktail which at £7 is about average price for a drink in London. It was very cleansing and refreshing which was great, as it was a lovely warm day outside, but had a strange minty after-taste which Arun didn't like at all. The bar, may I add, is HUGE! It would be a really nice place to go for a few drinks on a night out with friends to have a cheeky cocktail or two before going clubbing.

I ordered a special- a delicious burger with avocado, bacon and relish with a side of fries with chicken salt. Arun on the other hand, ate southern fried chicken with fries. Our food came within minutes of ordering which was very impressive. On the table, there is provided the most yummy BBQ sauce ever!! I drowned all my food in this, it was just too tasty not too. I regret nothing.

All in all, the food was lovely. Yes, it is quite pricey if you over order, especially because they include service charge in your bill (which I don't personally like), however if you order water and only a main without starters it's not too bad. It is also so filling that I couldn't have eaten a starter too anyway! Also, thumbs up if you have a taste card because it's 2 for 1 on some days.

If you do go and loved your food as much as I did, comment down below and tell me what you thought!

Love O

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