Wednesday, 15 January 2014


For my birthday I had the most amazing day yet! The morning started with my mum coming into my room with lots of little birthday presents from slippers and underwear to a little bag, pens and money to go ice skating. She also brought me a spiced apple tea to warm me up. Yum. At around 11 am  a family friend came over to say happy birthday and brought a load of gifts including chocolate, Elizabeth Arden Perfume a fur coat and a Dior beauty bag. Shortly afterwards my boyfriend Arun came over with a mulberry bag and a birthday card in one hand and a stiletto made of chocolate in the other! Could my day get any better? Apparently it can indeed! 
At lunch we quickly grabbed a subway and then left for Guildford to go ice skating! I was terrible at it and it resulted on me falling and hitting my head on the ice... and pulling Arun down with me. Oops! We then went shopping in Guildford because they have a lovely shopping mall with pretty much everything from Primark to Topshop and even an American sweet shop.

My lovely Arun then dropped me back home where I got changed for dinner and clubbing. I wore a new skirt I LOVE which I bought in the h&m sales for only £7. It goes with so much I wore too and I've already worn it both as a day wear and evening wear! It teamed it with a cute lace crop top I have and my h&m lack stiletto style ankle boots which were also a present from Arun.

Finally when Arun got back to mine, him, my mum and I went to a lovely tapas restaurant in Twickenham by the river. It's such a beautiful restaurant and the waiters are lovely. They overheard it's my birthday so they brought me a birthday cake which was nice of them too and the food was delicious. We ordered two tapas dishes each and shared them all and ordered two different salads on the side. Everything was so tasty and gobbled up untill each dish was clean! 

After eating, we all went into The George (a pub) which was only a five minute walk from where we were dining and had a Sambuka shot each and a cocktail for about an hour. At 11 my mum went home and our friends started to come. We had such a crazy and hectic night, with one man doing sexually explicit dance moves on his own and then me being chatted up by a sleezy, old and half-drunk man the minute my boyfriend went to the bathroom! Just before 1 we all went into The Cabbage Patch and carried on partying until the doors shut, when we finally took a taxi and got home into our cosy beds.
PS You may notice from the pictures but I dyed my hair black. Thankfully it's lightened so much since I first dyed it two weeks ago!

Love O
Most of my birthday presents from my Mulberry and a Michael Kors clutch to chocolate galore.


  1. Great birthday gifts:) I`ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can find all the details here: