Sunday, 5 January 2014

FASHION: How To Wear a White Shirt


Think Coco Chanel. You want a monochrome themed outfit which is tailored and fitted. This look is smart yet quirky and is great for any minimalist. Add a cute bow and an over-sized blazer like Fearne Cotton for a more macho and serious look. Using leather shorts like Caroline Flack creates a look that oozes sex appeal (but not in an over the top way as your chest is covered) whilst adding a fitted blazer adds sophistication to the look. This is a great outfit for a night out! Alternatively you can go for an equally smart but more feminine look by adding a tailored skirt whilst only wearing light colours. It's a great look for the summer as it's so effortless yet chic.

Cute and Casual

Everyone loves a girlie-girl. I love this look for the summer because it's so fresh and chic yet so easy to wear! You can add a cute and ditsy floral print skirt or shorts like Fearne and wear converses, sandals or pumps during the day and add heels for an easy day to night look. I love how Olivia Palermo makes her outfit super cute by adding a black bow and chucks on a light knitted cardigan adding texture to her look.

Make a Statement 

The best way to jazz up a plain shirt is to add a statement necklace to it. You can get them in so many different colours, styles and sizes to suit your fashion taste and go with everything you wear. I have so many it's unreal! They're also a great way to turn your outfit from a day time look to a night time look. One way you can wear them is on top of your shirt with your button done up with your collar hiding the chain. Contrarily, you can wear it under your shirt and undo your buttons up to your chest so you can see the necklace peeping from underneath.


This is a great tip for the autumn and winter because it will look stylish yet be warm. The secret? Wear your white shirt under a dress, jumper, playsuit or even a shirt like style queen Alexa Chung. The extra layer will keep you toasty warm and the collar is so cute and preppy. This is perfect for work or school because it looks stylish but smart.

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