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11 Things You Didn't Know About Me | The Travel Tag

I was nominated by Katie Jane Online to do this tag which started out as 11 things you didn't know about me but has turned into more travel related questions. (Not that I'm complaining!) She answered 11 questions on her blog and then tagged me in 11 questions she came up with for me to answer and then tag people on. So on and so forth... So if you want to know a bit about me and my travel preferences then carry on reading! 

1. What is the one thing you can not travel without? 

A partner. I'm one of those people that love being with people I love. If I'm going to see beautiful places and do amazing things then I'd much rather share that with someone than experience it on my own. 

2. What is your favourite city in the UK? 

I live for London. I am so lucky to be born in this amazing city and I honestly couldn't imagine myself anywhere else (well maybe LA..) But seriously, what is there that London can't offer. It's lively, full of great atmosphere and people. It's so diverse and there's always something to do. What I love the most about London is each town within it is so different. If you go to Teddington it's much more village like with nice pubs and cafes and the lovely Bushy Park whilst Portobello has something ethnic about it, from the market to the foreign restaurants. I love London! 

3. Where was the first country you travelled to? 

My mum is Italian so even before I could walk, we were off to Italy! My grandparents live there so we were back and forth quite a bit when I was younger and as I went to school we would go there most summers. 

4. Who is your favourite travel partner? 

My boyfriend Arun. He is literally the best travel buddy because we are so similar, we both like to go to nice restaurants and really discover a country when we travel. We literally spend all day everyday on our toes, which we both love. I couldn't go with someone who'd want to party everyday but I couldn't spend it with someone who wants to stay by the pool everyday. We've got that perfect balance. 

5. Beach or pool? 

The beach!! DURRR! I hate getting sand everywhere but it's so worth it for the beautiful sea. 

6. Do you prefer a relaxing holiday or an lots of activities? 

I like a bit of both. I love to do lots of activities but I like to relax for maybe an hour or two a day. After all I want to return home refreshed!

7. Where is your favourite country you have ever been? 

I haven't been to that many places yet, but I love Paris. I could go there every year easily! It never gets boring! The food... I could just sit down and eat cake, cheese, baguettes, wine and macaroons all day! It also has disney land which is arguably heaven. Also I went to Las Vegas last year and it was sooooo amazing! I would definitely go again once I'm 21.

8. What is your preferred way of travelling? 

Plane. I hate it but it's so much faster than anything else. Like, can you really imagine getting a boat all the way to America? 

9. What is the first thing you pack? 

Underwear. Always. Maybe I'm subconsciously scared that I'll forget them because they are literally the first thing I always pack!

10. What is your dream holiday destination? 

New York has been a dream of mine for a while. I'm not sure why. I've just always wanted to go. I'd go to central park, china town, fith avenue and cetral perk. Of course! But recently I've been interesting in Japan. It looks AMAZING!! I'd get so fat from eating noodles and sushi like all day everyday! I'd also love to discover their culture.

11. What is your favourite holiday memory? 

Last year Arun and I went to Malta, it was so nice and relaxing and full of fun things to do. We went on a mini cruise ship to the blue lagoon where I jumped of the ship into the water! I was so scared and really didn't want to do it, but Arun kept encouraging me to do it and I'm so glad he did because it was the best thing ever! We then snorkeled and saw all the beautiful fish around us in the clear blue sea. 

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Your Questions:

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