Monday, 30 September 2013

BEAUTY: Mascara reviews - NYC, Collection 2000, Benefit, Soap & Glory and Rimmel

Thick & Fast by Soap & Glory

  • This mascara is long lasting and separates your lashes so well and makes them look longer. Not much product goes onto your lashes so you have to do quite a few coats until it's effective and even so, it doesn't thicken the lashes by much. However, this means it leaves no clumps, giving you a very natural look for the day! Another advantage to this mascara is that it doesn't smudge during the day.
  • Cost-£10
  • My rating- 6/10

Longer Lash by Collection 2000

  • I really wasn't a fan of this mascara. I just found that it didn't make my lashes thicker nor did it make them longer. The brush is really small but, in it's defense it does separate and lengthen lashes quite well, just not to a sufficient extent in comparison to other products. If you are broke (or a student) like me, then you may want to buy this product because it costs so little.
  • Cost- £2.99
  • My rating- 3/10

They're Real by Benefit

  • I LOVE using this product! It is simply amazing. It does everything you want a mascara to do in just one stroke! It thickens, volumizes and lengthens lashes in a matter of minutes. However, this mascara is like a glue and once you've applied the product to your lashes after a few minutes they harden. So, it's almost impossible to add a second or third coat during the day and so tricky to take off in the evening! It's also quite pricey but, it's definitely worth investing in and only using it for evenings when you're going out, to get a sexy, smoldering look.
  • Cost- (embrace yourselves) £19.50!!!
  • My rating- 8/10

Show Time by NYC

  • Quite possibly the worst thing I've bought this year. I've used it twice and it will never go anywhere near my lashes again! This is such a bad product! It makes little if any difference to the appearance of your lashes. It claims to be waterproof; It's not. Just five minutes in the shower and it's all over your face! Don't be fooled by the cheap price! It's not a bargain it's a waste of  both your time and money. It's ok to use as a base mascara if, like me you like to use two. But I definitely would not buy this product as a stand alone mascara. You really do get your money's worth.
  • Cost- £1.99
  • My rating 1/10

Scandaleyes Lycraflex by Rimmel

  • Love, Love, Love. Is all I can say about this product! It's the best mascara I have had in a long while! I originally bought it because it was on offer and I would not look back. I love how it makes my eyes look so much bigger by adding so much volume and length to my lashes! It really is a super product and it doesn't even cost as much as a product this good should! It may leave the occasional clump but this can be easily sorted out with an eyelash comb. (If you don't have one you can just clean an old mascara wand and use that instead!) I love that the wand is big as it gives you great coverage so you don't miss out any little lash. It does take a while to dry so when applying it can smudge around your eye if, like me, your lashes touch your brow bone. This can also happen when applying mascara because the wand is big so it's easier to accidentally get it around your eye but this can so easily be sorted with a wet wipe in a matter of seconds!
  • Cost- £6.99
  • My rating- 9/10

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