Sunday, 25 November 2012

Film Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I was amazed by the opening credits to Break Dawn Part 2 as the series of images shown were truly artistic and creative. They symbolized Bellas transformation into a new-born vampire and for me these shots were perfect and could in no way be improved. However, as the film followed through I had less to appreciate not only from a contextual -as I felt the story somewhat lacked- but also from an artistic point of view.

Having read the book I had far higher expectations of the film.I initially thought that through mise-en-scene and jump cuts the director could present what life is like as a new-born vampire (through the use of visuals). The book describes what it is like but seeing it would make us, as viewers, enter a new world in the 'shoes' of a vampire experiencing her transformation. This is an experience that you can't get as much from books as from films and was therefore left extremely disappointed that the director chose not to explore into Bellas life as a vampire but more so into a vampire vendetta which was, in the end only a 'vision' that Alice was showing Aro. This made me feel as though I had wasted my time watching scenes that not only hadn't taken place but in the end never will.

All in all, the film was not worth the excitement I had contained for its release. The other only scene which I found interesting (or should I say beautiful) was when Jacob strips. More stripping and less fighting would have been far more agreeable and to my liking. Jokes aside, I was deeply disappointed.

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