Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Style Inspirations

Hey guys,
I decided for this weeks post I wanted to compile a list of my style inspirations- people who inspire my fashion, what I wear, my makeup and how I piece things together. Note that a said style inspiration instead of fashion, style is the whole look and how you wear it, not just the the items of clothing you chose to put on. I'd just like to put it out there, that I'm not saying because of these women I have the perfect style and that you should copy me, or that your style icons aren't inspirational. This is simply a list of people that personally inspire my style.

Without further ado, here is my list of style icons:

Brigitte Bardot

It's a common known fact that french women are effortlessly (sorry for over-doing that word already) sexy. But Brigitte takes sexiness to another level.  Her hair always has so much volume and she dresses so feminine in blouses and light dresses No one else in the world can rock a pony tail or half up-half down hair like this lady. She is quite literally my version of a human barbie. Brigette is a lady, I look to her style when I'm going on a date night and I want to look classy, cute and sexy, all at the same time.

Alexa Chung

I love how effortless Alexa's style is. She has found the perfect mixture of masculine and chic. Her slept in waves and flick of eyeliner, are everyday go-to's when it comes to getting ready in minutes yet still looking cute.

Clemence Poesy

Clemence Poesy's beauty instantly struck out to me in Harry Potter, she's so elegant and poised. I love the simplicity to her outfits, they always have a sense of purity. Clemence makes me want to wear a white dress, with my hair in a bun and with minimal make-up. Sometimes less is more and Clemence really makes that statement shine.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is just classic. She was the genius behind Chanel, she lived in the Ritz for over 30 years and she made trousers and suits cool. This women, literally shaped the world of women's fashion to what we have today. So for that, I thank her and am very inspired by her. Also, she is the queen of monochrome and always inspires me when I'm picking a classic outfit in black and white.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the ultimate rock goddess. Her messy hair, smoky eyes and black skimpy outfits are just perfect when you want to hit the clubs. Think distressed, leather and studs and you're on the path to dressing like Kate. I love her style so much. She's so badass and always influences my inner rock-chic. I look to Kate Moss's style a lot. One of my staple items which she uses often, is a leather jacket. It makes any outfit look that little bit rougher, less put-together and much hotter.

Her and Johnny Depp were also the hottest couple ever and need to get back together... Just saying.

Katy Perry

What I love most about Katy Perry is that she wears literally anything she wants. She doesn't conform to trends, she creates her own. If that means she wants to dress as a cat for the day, she will do it. In that sense, she's like a real life Luna Lovegood. She inspires me to think less of what other people think and just dress to make myself happy. Also, she is like a 50's pin-up-girl and Disney princess rolled into one, with a lot more edge. Perfection. She's also dyed her hair pretty much every colour you could imagine. Because why not? 

Morticia Addams

There's something very sexy about Morticia that I can never quite put my finger on. The tight fitted fishtail dress. Her long red nails. Her sleek black her. The bright red lip. The smoky eyes. Those cheekbones. Or the darkness of her character. But whatever it is, I want a bit of it. I love copying her make-up and also her attitude, She doesn't take sh!t from anyone, from a young age I always much preferred her to any Disney princess. I picture her if I'm going for dinner and want to look romantic-gothic. Which is quite often. 

Her and Gomez are so romantic in an unconventional yet beautiful way and are by far my OTP. I also love how Wednesday and Pugsley dress- You can never go wrong with a collar, a black dress or a striped top.

Olivia Palermo

Everything Olivia Palermo wears is super stylish. If you're having a day where you don't know what to wear, just google this lady and you will be so inspired. She takes basic items like jeans or a white shirt and uses accessories to make a statement. Her skin always looks flawless, her make-up always looks natural and her skin always has a sun-kissed glow. 

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins have mastered the perfect boho look. Tousled hair- both curly and straight- smudged eyeliner and a nude lip, paired with edgy items and lots of quirky accessories. I have been a big fan of these girls since I was little, having grown up and watched their show, I always loved their style but as they've gotten older, their style has improved and become much more couture. They manage to make the boho and rock look, elegant and glamorous. 

Shenae Grimes and 90210

I love both her personal style and her character Annie's style. She is a self confessed rock chick and someone I look to really often for fashion inspiration. I love how personal and unique her style is. Words cannot express how much I love her style, as well as the rest of the 90210 style. Hers always struck out most to me because it's quite similar to mine- an unconventional mix of vintage and rock. I also love Naomi's attitude and professional style, Silver's quirkiness, Ivy's chilled back, boho/ surfer girl look (which is perfect for when you're on holiday) and I'm in love with Adrianna's girly, 50's vibe style. This was my go-to show, where I'd always get fashion and style ideas. And if you don't know the characters I just talked about then get on your laptop and watch 90210 now!!!

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has managed to somehow combine the best of the 50's glamour and 60's make-up with a bike-chic vibe. She made floral crowns a thing. And her Born to Die album is probably my all time favourite album. Her fashion and style through out all her music videos for that album was flawless. She went from rocking high waisted shorts and converse to a stunning white gown, 50's curls and floral headbands. 

Kristen Stewart

She's probably quite an unconventional style inspiration, but from the moment she rocked converse's on the red carpet, I was in love. She makes that carpet her own. She has such a different style to any other actress. I love the dark and edgy designer pieces she wears to events. I like to think of her as a modern punk, as even her most glamorous dresses have punk take on it. What I love even more is that she puts comfort over fashion. She pretty much lives in jeans and a cool t-shirt. This girl is seriously cool.  She also stars in one of my favourite films 'The Runaways' (which I wrote a post on) where her and Dakota Fanning dress in awesome outfits, that ooze 'sex, drugs and rock n roll'! 

I hope you enjoyed reading who have inspired and shaped my style. Who inspires yours?

Love O


  1. As I looked over the photographs of the women who inspire your style I was struck by how different my perceptions of their personalities were. Most, though definitely not all, of the women who inspire your stye seemed to me to project unique and genuine emotion in their photos. As much as I love beautiful makeup and lovely couture, there is something about the look in someone's eyes that really captures my attention, though I'm sure I project my own imagination into what they might be thinking. Sadly expressive looks are all too often missing on the catwalks.
    I do find Alexa Chung's style interesting and she looks intelligent intriguing and intense. I love Bridget Bardot's blouse and think she's pretty but would have no idea what she was thinking. To me, Clemence Posey projects an innocent look. She's very pretty, but I'd really love to see her showcasing some really ultra-feminine couture. I too love that Kristen Stewart rocked Converse sneakers on the Red Carpet. I also love the dress she was wearing.
    My own style inspirations come primarily from other fashion bloggers - the outfits styled by some of those bloggers are gorgeous!

    1. Yes I agree, style is very unique and I love that these women show their personalities through fashion.