Monday, 17 March 2014

DIY BEAUTY: How To Hair Chalk

Ok so now that it's spring it's the perfect time to rock last summers trend, hair chalking. You could go with pastel blues for dark hair or pinks for light hair to look bang on trend! It's super easy to do and isn't permanent which is great for you indecisive people like myself.

What you will need:

Hair Chalk or pastels -not oil based
Damp hair
A hairdryer
Gloves and a towel (optional)

I did mine when I came out of the shower after washing my hair and towel dried it until it was damp but if you prefer you can just wet the section of hair you wish to hair chalk.

Using your chalk just rub it on the damp drank of hair. This can be quite messy so I put a towel around me that I didn't mind getting dirty. You can also wear gloves to keep your hands clean. Try not to rub up and down your hair but just downwards otherwise you will end up with rough, dreadlock textured hair! Once your hair has some colour on it dry it a little it using the hairdrying and then brush through it. Notice that a lot of colour will come out. Then repeat this whole process of putting hairchalk on your hair. Without this vital stage your colour will fade during the day and smudge onto your skin and clothes.

The process is now complete! My hair is naturally curly so I left it au-naturel but you can style it as you wish with staighteners. Try not to brush it to much though as it will make it fade out. My highlights lasted 2 days left natural with no brushing!
Good luck and enjoy
Love O

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