Friday, 21 March 2014

10 Things I Want To Do This Year

Heya! How is everyone?!
Today I wanted to share a short but sweet post with you guys on the things that I want to do this year.

1) Healthy Eating- I say this all the time, but although I used to be really good at it and I always am in the summer, since Christmas I've been in the pattern of not eating amazingly well! I skip meals all the time and I pig out on junk food. I aim to eat lots of healthy seasonal fruit and vegetables so that both my interior and exterior can be pretty and healthy.

2) Sleep- This one's pretty hard because I'm hyper active however, I want to try to relax a little before I go to bed and start getting ready to sleep at around 10 instead of midnight. When you wake up early you just have so much more time to do things instead of watching Youtube videos all night!

3) Meditate- I love to meditate but I never get the time to do it! Sitting relaxed and just being by myself with my thoughts is very therapeutic especially when you have some candles lit and calm music in the background. "" is particularly good, you can change your sound and time settings for how long you want to meditate. I particularly love rain, forest and water sounds. Meditating is good because it helps your creativity, reduces your stress levels by helping us detach and enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self.

4) Socialize more- I'm a bit of a hermit and tend to stay in the house a lot so I want to go out with my friends and boyfriend more. When I say go out I mean literally, go outside and enjoy the world!

5) Switch Off- I'm on my laptop pretty much all day every day which due to studying Journalism isn't 100% my fault. However, this year I want to switch technology off and minimise the number of hours I spend on my phone and computer. I want to enjoy life to the max which I don't believe I'm doing sitting in front of a screen.

6) Drink Drink Drink- no not shots! I need to up my intake of water massively because it's honestly one of the best things for you and both your body and mind. Drinking water hydrates you brain, keeps your skin looking lovely, helps weight loss and increases energy! So why wouldn't you drink up?!

7) Learn- I want to enrich myself with knowledge, it is something that no one can steal and it gives you new dimensions and ways to think about new interesting things which you otherwise new nothing about. I want to read for hours and get so engrossed by a book that I don't even want to stop reading to eat. I want to try out new things and gain experience. Learn about a new culture or maybe a new skill.

8) Travel- I want to see the world. After all the hard work I've been doing a little break away from London would be lovely.

9) Smile- I want to do things that make me smile everyday. Being happy makes you a positive person which makes you much more welcoming to others and more fun to be around. It also adds more value to your life as the life you're living is truly making you happy. If you do one little thing everyday that will make you smile then your whole day will seem so much lovelier when you reflect upon it in the evening leaving you a a lovely vibe before you go to bed.

10) Do something crazy- I want to do something wild and out of character. I want to go out of my comfort zone and do something that will inspire me. Something that I can look back on and be like wow I can't believe I did that.

What do you guys want to do?
Love O

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