Sunday, 3 February 2013

Legal and loving it.

So. It's been a while since I've been out due to exams in January which mean I couldn't really celebrate becoming an adult! Hence I celebrated my new found freedom with one of my oldest friends S who excitingly took my 'clubbing virginity'! We've been friends since we where babies and have basically grown into sisters so clubbing with her was immense fun!

We both went for a look that was simple yet quirky but not over the top with minimal makeup; her going with winged eyeliner and I with dark pink bold lips. Stealing her clothes and taking inspiration from a pirate I wore a striped dress and she a lovely, cut-out, velvet dress. To update our look we each wore tights with socks over. I wore floral fishnet tights which matched the floral pattern on the dress with black knee high socks and being short, sky-scraper peep toe heels! S wore cute school girl socks that scrunched around the ankle over patterned clear tights and brogues which have a flatform for a quirky twist on a classic look.We then had a shot of vodka to get the night started and left the house to head-off to the magical Piccadilly Institute...
The club was so much fun it should be illegal! We had a few drinks and danced the night away until dawn finally giving in and jumping onto a bus into her lovely double bed! Did I pull? Maybe. A good girl doesn't kiss and tell. Except with her best friends... Every girl gossips with her friends and if she says she doesn't, chances are she's lying!

The morning after I can only describe as a living hell inside my head where every noise was amplified and like a vampire I took to detesting the sun. The only cure to such torture is Chinese food or a good old kebab! We went to my favorite Chinese interested- which I have mentioned in one of my first ever blog posts- and had three dishes between the two of us! We were THAT hungry. Looking around China town, there were decorations everywhere and a Chinese lion dancer which was incredible to watch! Unlike usually I didn't buy anything- I usually get some pretty cool rings from these little Chinese boutiques which are oh so quirky and beautiful! I did look because I really want a ring that looks like a burger but I am yet to find one!

Today however, I took a little trip to the haberdasheries and bought lots of trimmings! Lacy, velvet, crochet.. SO many pretty and lovely trimmings so that I can customize all my outfits! So, I shall make all my clothes beautiful and wacky and show you guys how to do so today? Deal? Yay!

Love O

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