Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Youtuber Ingrid Nilson Comes Out as Gay

Ingrid Nilson, otherwise known as 'Missglamourazzi' came out as gay in a candid youtube video.

During the emotional 19 minute video, she explains that she has 'always felt this way' and why she can't be with men, despite having previously had male partners.

If you haven't yet, the you can watch the video here.

What are your views on her coming out?

There have been comments on websites expressing there non understanding as to why she would come out, when people that are hetrosexual don't feel the need to 'come out as straight', some people also accused of her attention seeking.

Personally, I think Ingrid has done great and is an inspiration to many other people, especially people who are in her situation, where they know how they feel inside but can't be true to themselves because of the society they live in. Because they don't feel like they will be accepted for who they are.

Judging from the comments on her video, I think the majority of people, including her subscirbers and other youtubers are happy for the vlogger.

Youtuber star Tanya Burr commented 'I love you' on the video to express her support.

I can't even imagine feeling the need to keep a secret like this for so many years in fear of not being supported by the people around me, so I am so happy to see the support she has recieved online and that she said her friends have been really great.

Congratualtions Ingrid, be free!

Love O


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