Saturday, 27 October 2012

Film Club

As a Halloween treat  'Coraline' was shown at Film Club. The room was packed with students from mainly years 7 and 8 rushing in at 3:15pm as Mr Hanlon was still blacking out the room.  As the room filled with excited chitter-chatter,  treats of popcorn and space invader crisps were passed around. The classroom was transformed into a mini cinema as the image appeared on the large screen and the soundtrack blasted loudly through the surround sound system.  With the rustling of packets and crunching of crisps, the atmosphere of the room became a Halloween special in itself.  As soon as the haunting opening credits began silence took over the room and the air filled with excitement as everyone goggled at the screen munching as silently as possible.

'Coraline' is a tale about a little girl who finds another world through a little door where everything seems perfect, but not for long... There are strong similarities between this film and 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Pan's Labyrinth' as both films follow the main protagonist, a young female character, who searches in a dream world for something missing in their own world. 

From the childrens' reactions after the film it was clear they had enjoyed it despite finding some scenes frightening. All had positive feedback; a new-comer said he would 'definitely come again' as he had so 'enjoyed the film even though it was scary'. The students' resentment at having to leave the film world and the atmospheric room to go home and back to reality was evident.

However, there is always another film to look forward to after a long hard day at school.  The Christmas Film Club treat? 'Elf', of course!


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